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School Policies

pdflogoAccessibility Plan

pdflogoAdmission Arrangements 22/23

pdflogoAdmission Arrangements 21/22

pdflogoAdministration of Medicines

pdflogoAnimals in School Policy

pdflogoAnti-Bullying Policy

pdflogoAttendance Policy

pdflogoBehaviour and Relationships Policy

pdflogoCCTV Policy

pdflogoChild Looked After Policy

pdflogoCollective Worship Policy

pdflogoComplaints Policy

pdflogoCritical Incident and Business Recovery Policy

pdflogoCurriculum Policy

pdflogoData Protection Policy

pdflogoDriving Policy

pdflogoEarly Years Policy

pdflogoEducational Visits Policy

pdflogoElectronic Items Policy

pdflogoEnglish as an Additional Language Policy

pdflogoExclusion Policy

pdflogoFire Safety Policy (and Emergency Evacuation)

pdflogoFirst Aid Policy

pdflogoFlu Pandemic

pdflogoHealth and Hygiene Policy

pdflogoHealth, Hygiene and Intimate Care Policy

pdflogoHealth and Safety Policy

pdflogoICT and Use of Internet by Pupils Policy

pdflogoInfection Control Policy

pdflogoLettings Policy

pdflogoLiteracy Policy

pdflogoLoan of Equipment Policy

pdflogoMaths Policy

pdflogoMore Able and Talented Policy

pdflogoParking Policy

pdflogoPlay Policy

pdflogoPremises Management Policy

pdflogoPrivacy Policy

pdflogoPupil Premium Policy

link-logoRelationships and Sex Education Policy

pdflogoRemote Education Policy

pdflogoRemote Education Statement

pdflogoReligious Education Policy

pdflogoSafeguarding and Child Protection Policy

pdflogoSEND Policy

pdflogoSevere Weather Policy

pdflogoSingle Equality Scheme and Statement

pdflogoTeaching and Learning Asessment Policy

pdflogoUniform Policy

pdflogoWebsite (including Cookies) Policy

Covid Risk Assessments

pdflogoContractors in School Risk Assessment

pdflogoPupils attending School

pdflogoStaff working in School

pdflogoNursery return to School

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